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Friday, September 5, 2014


http://www.fullmoondirect.com/Blood-of-1000-Virgins_p_755.htmlBLOOD OF 1000 VIRGINS
Distributed by Full Moon Features

  I am loving the Grindhouseflix line of films that Full Moon has put out recently!  BLOOD OF 1000 VIRGINS is another great title from that line of films.  Here is a description of the film from the Full Moon website:

  The young and the innocent have their lives threatened by sick degenerates, evil creatures, and the devil himself! Will they escape with their virginity intact? Will they get revenge on their pervy attackers? Will our host make it out alive?  All these questions and more will be stripped down and explored in the sultriest series of trailers hosted by "Playboy Playmate" Nikki Leigh.
Bare witness as our host guides you through topics like MALE and FEMALE VIRGINS, learn as she explains the many REASONS FOR STAYING A VIRGIN, run in fear while being chased by those WHO HUNT VIRGINS, and watch the blood fly when the tables are turned with the REVENGE OF THE VIRGIN.
So stay intimately close to our host as you wade ankle deep through the BLOOD OF 1000 VIRGINS!

  First off, I was amazed that there were so many films about this subject!  I guess it was a pretty hot topic back in the 70's which is when most of these trailers look like they are from.  There are tons of exploitation films on display here, some you will have heard of probably, but a bunch that I have a feeling you might not have ever known existed.  I know there were plenty on here that I didn't know about.   Some of the films are your mainstream sex comedies, and party/teenager flicks, but there are a few that are just totally out there.  Take for instance the film CHATTER BOX, about a woman with a talking vagina!  Or, DEADLY WEAPONS about a woman with huge, um...weapons, that she uses to kill the bad guys with!  This is crazy stuff that you just don't see anymore these days.   It is awesome to have all of these films preserved in a trailer compilation like this.

  This is one of the most enjoyable of the Grindhouseflix in my opinion.   I love trailer compilations like this.  I enjoy seeing all these old films and discovering new ones that I have never heard of.

  BLOOD OF 1000 VIRGINS is available now on DVD and at fullmoonstreaming.com, and contains the following special features:

Special Features Include: -Charles Band Grindhouse Intro
-Nikki Leigh Interview
-Mike Diva's Grindhouse Megamix
-Blood of 1000 Virgins Trailer
-Six Grindhouse Trailers

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer
CLICK HERE to purchase the DVD



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