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Thursday, September 4, 2014


http://www.xlratormedia.com/film/human-raceTHE HUMAN RACE
Writtend & Directed by
Distributed by  XLrator Media

  I wasn't sure what to expect going into this film.  I knew nothing about it, had read no reviews, and had not watched the trailer.   While I was not expecting much, I was pleasantly surprised with this film.  This film was fun and exciting and kept my attention the entire running time.  The film is called THE HUMAN RACE which is an amazing title I realize after watching this film.  It plays not only only the physical race the people have, but also the entire population of humans.   You will realize how big of a part that plays after watching this film.  Here is the brief synopsis of the film from the XLrator Media website:

 Eighty strangers from all walks of life are ripped out of their daily lives and forced to participate in a brutal race to the death. The rules are simple; follow the arrows or you will die, step on the grass and you will die, get lapped twice and you will die. Only one participant will survive. Race or die. There can only be one winner, but who will survive and for what purpose?

 At first the film just seems very simple, but the further the movie goes, the deeper you find out this movie really is.   It can be confusing at times, but I think it all makes sense in the end.   The movie starts abruptly with all the participants starting the race, then we are given the back story on the film's main characters.   While the film is not really horror at all, there are some very gruesome kills, in fact, anyone that steps on the grass literally blows up! The film is more of an action/drama, but then towards the end quickly turns into a very cool science fiction film.  Like I said, it will all make sense in the end. 

  The film is well acted, well written, and was thoroughly enjoyable for me. I would definitely recommend THE HUMAN RACE.  The film is available now on DVD and contains the following special features:

*  Director & Cast Commentary
*  Deleted Scenes
*  Trailer

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer
CLICK HERE to purchase the DVD


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