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Sunday, May 15, 2016

CD Review: MUSIC TO BE BURIED BY by Gravetone Productions

http://www.gravetoneproductions.com/Albums.htmlMUSIC TO BE BURIED BY
Music CD by Grave Tone Productions

  One of the great things I ran across at this year's Texas Frightmare Convention, was the Grave Tone Productions booth.  As I got near the booth I heard some great music coming from a speaker system they had set up.  It was a very cool sound so I stopped and talked a bit.  I left with a copy of their 1st CD, MUSIC TO BE BURIED BY.  I have been listening to it off and on the car on the way to and from work over the past couple of weeks and I find myself liking it more and more with every listen.

  According to their website, "Grave Tone composes music for films, sound design for film/tv, haunted attractions, websites and more."   I have heard some music similar to this in the past, made for use in horror films and haunted houses and such, but I have never heard anything quite like this. This is haunted house music pumped up with some heavy metal mixed in.  All of the songs are written and arranged by Grave Tone Productions, and they have some very talented musicians on hand.  All of the songs are very well done, and the heavy guitar riffs add a very cool edge to the creepy sound of the album.  A lot of the songs make you think you're listening to the soundtrack of a horror movie, which is obviously what the musicians were going for.

  If you have never heard anything by this talented group of musicians, I urge you to check their stuff out as soon as you can.  MP3's of their songs are available on iTunes, CDBaby, and Amazon,  or click the link below to purchase a physical CD.

CLICK HERE to purchase the CD



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