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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Blu-ray Review: THE ORPHAN KILLER (2011)

http://www.reelgorereleasing.com/store/the-orphan-killer/THE ORPHAN KILLER
Written & Directed by 
Distributed by Reel Gore Releasing

  I was happy to see that the fine folks over at Reel Gore Releasing got their hands on this film.  THE ORPHAN KILLER is well deserving of a wide release, and I really can't believe it's taken this long!  The film came out back in 2011, and I actually reviewed the film way back then after getting a screener copy direct from the director Matt Farnsworth.    I watched the film a few nights ago and it was every bit as good as I remember from seeing it 6 years ago.  I went back and read the review I did back then and it was spot on.  No need to say the same thing twice, so here is my review I did of the film from back in 2011 reprinted here with just a few small changes....enjoy!

  If you haven't run across a mention of THE ORPHAN KILLER on facebook, I would be very surprised.  I have seen many horror fans talking about this film online (esp. on facebook) and I finally got a chance to see what everyone was talking about.  THE ORPHAN KILLER has been hyped up to be a "New Horror Icon"...well, I had  my doubts to be honest, that is a huge statement to live up to.  Luckily, I was not disappointed in any way and I have to agree that THE ORPHAN KILLER is here to stay, and could someday be seen along the likes of Jason, Freddy, and Leatherface when it comes to discussions about the greatest horror movie killers. Before I go any further, here is the basic plot synopsis from imdb.com:

The Orphan Killer is a tour de force murder flick that defies classification. It goes far beyond current trends in gore and breaks open a new suffering genre of horror. Marcus Miller is a serial murderer hellbent on teaching his estranged sister Audrey what it means to have family loyalty. His lessons are taught in massive doses of vulgar and unimaginable pain. Throughout her brutal torture we learn that Marcus is not the only Miller with Killer in the bloodline as Audrey proves to be a formidable adversary.

   Ok, lets get the technical aspects out of the way first.  The film was shot very well and looked crystal clear on my Blu-ray edition of the film.  The cinematography for this film is amazing for a lower budget film such as this.  The acting in this film was excellent as well, especially that of
Diane Foster who plays Audrey.   She very convincingly portrays real terror while she is in her torture scenes.   

 The film is timed perfectly, and director Matt Farnsworth packs a lot of action into the film's quick 84 minute run time.   There are never any slow or dull moments in this film.  It is non stop brutal action from the time you hit play until the time the credits role.  The back story of the killer is explained nicely through a series of flashbacks to when Marcus and Audrey were kids in the orphanage. This was a cool way to see why Marcus is the killer he is today.

   Ok, now on to the good stuff....the plot synopsis tells you that the film "goes far beyond current trends in gore".  That my friends, is a major understatement.   The gore in this film is over the top and goes far beyond what we are used to seeing in today's "gore" films.   Some of these effects could make Tom Savini proud!  You will know what I am talking about when you see the machete to the face scene.....grisly, grotesque, and just amazingly well done.  The blood flows freely in this film, so you gore hounds will not be disappointed in any way!   


  Well, there ya go!  I couldn't have said it better myself! Wait, nevermind!  Ha!   THE ORPHAN KILLER is available now from Reel Gore Releasing and includes the following special features:

*  BEHIND THE MURDER - Exclusive Video Diary
*  Teaser
*  Trailer
*  Music Clip
*  Slideshow

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer
CLICK HERE to purchase the Blu-ray


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