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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Horror in the news-- a real CHUPACABRA has been found!!

For those that haven't heard of a Chupacabra, it is a an animal thought to exist in Mexico and South America that is sometimes referred to as "the goat sucker", due to it's tendency to stalk and kill livestock by sucking the blood from them, especially goats. While this creature has been sighted by many, few believe it's real existence due to lack of physical evidence. Well, that might be changing now thanks to John Hunter of White Bluff, TN who shot and killed what he believes might me an actual Chupacabra!

A few horror films have been made about the Chupacabra including 2003's EL CHUPACABRA and the 2009 film, GOATSUCKER.

Click HERE to read the news report and see an actual photo of the creature!

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