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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Movie Review: HALLOWEEN 2

Ok, so I wanted to like this film. I wanted to LOVE it. I really enjoyed Rob Zombie's first HALLOWEEN. It was a great remake..kept up with the original but still managed to put his spin on the character of Michael Myers. In HALLOWEEN 2, Rob Zombie just goes crazy with the character, and not in a good way. To me it was over the top. The violence was too graphic and brutal...and you don't find me saying that very often. I have seen tons of horror movies, but the violence in this film was just disturbing. Of course, you could say that quite an accomplishment for Rob Zombie, to make a movie that seems that real. I just found it off-putting. Michael does things in this film that he never does before, and the amount of blood is just crazy. I think that if this was an original movie of Rob Zombie's where he had created a new character and had nothing to do with HALLOWEEN or Michael Myers, it would be a good film. But this just wasn't the HALLOWEEN I know. The supernatural element with him seeing him as a kid and his mom every time was distracting. Also, Rob Zombie made the character of Dr. Loomis a real prick. I thought we are supposed to like Dr. Loomis? Anyway, it had some good visuals, but overall I felt a little let down.
If you have seen it, let me know your thoughts on HALLOWEEN 2.

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  1. Hayes: What you are saying about this film I find true in all of Rob Zombie's work. I really want to like him. He is a real horror enthusiast, has all the right influences, likes all the right movies and directors; and he always speaks so well about the horror genre and seems like a good guy. Yet his movies are all spectacle and no real style. Just slash and burn with no feel for what he’s burning. I have seen numerous trailers for this and I think I'll pass. Looks like more Zombie. Ugly and lacking finesse. One more movie as prop to support endless scenes of carnage set to grinding, indistinguishable guitar.

    Great post -- Mykal