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Monday, March 29, 2010


GORY GORY HALLELUJAH is released by Indican Pictures and was written by Angie Louise and directed by Sue Corcoran. This is one of the better Horror/Comedies I have seen in a long time. There are some things that could be considered blasphemous to some due to some religious/Jesus jokes, so keep that in mind if you are easily offended. Here is the plot synopsis from the Indican Pictures website:

Inspired by the classic cult films, Seattle-based Corcoran and company have crafted a delightful B-movie musical biblical epic horror comedy. Obviously destined for cult status, Gory Gory Hallelujah will offend the humor-impaired—but everyone else will have a very good time. Four actors (a Black revolutionary, a bisexual hippie, a neurotic Jewish guy and a woman with sexual issues) audition for the role of Jesus. When they are all rejected, they hit the road on motorcycles to find on-stage glory in New York City. A fateful roadhouse run-in with a gang of Elvises strands the unlikely quartet in the town of Jackville. But the locals don't take kindly to blasphemers, alternative lifestyle choices, people of color—or anything else for that matter. Will our would-be saviors fall prey to evil small-town conspirators, flesh-eating zombies, or save the world from the Apocalypse?

I thoroughly enjoyed this film from beginning to end. One thing I have to point out is the acting. While you would normally expect horrible acting from a small silly film like this, the acting was actually extremely good. The plot can be a little confusing at times, but that doesn't take away from the fun of the film. The movie is definitely more toward the comedy side than the Horror side, but it still has its share of Horror, including a pitchfork through the abdomen scene and the best part of the film, the massive zombie uprising near the end that turns into a huge zombie musical number that must be seen to be believed! This is a great party film, that would be perfect for a group of friends to get together on a Saturday night to watch. In fact, this should be a must have for anyone living in a college dorm setting! So grab a group of friends and check out GORY GORY HALLELUJAH today!

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer for GORY GORY HALLELUJAH
CLICK HERE to purchase GORY GORY HALLELUJAH from Indican Pictures

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