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Thursday, March 11, 2010


I AM VIRGIN is the directorial debut from director Sean Skelding and is brought to you by Cheezy Flicks Entertainment. The film is a spoof of the popular Will Smith film, I AM LEGEND.
Here is the basic plot from Seeofsound.com:

It came without warning. The virus wiped out most of the world's population in just a few days, and everyone who survived became a vampire with an insatiable thirst for sex. Everyone except Robby. He's the last normal man in a world of unbridled sexuality, and he's a virgin. Accompanied by his trusty Basset Hound, Billy, he's looking for love in a city full of vampire vixens who want nothing more than the next depraved thrill. Faced with temptation, Robby must resist the lure of this world of lust and sensuality or risk becoming one of the sex-mad undead creatures himself!

The film is very well made, with extremely impressive sets and camera work. The scenes of the deserted cities are done remarkably well and give off a very creepy vibe. I am impressed the filmmakers were able to pull off such a great feat considering this is a much lower budgeted movie than the real I AM LEGEND. The other thing I loved about this film are the corpses strewn all over town. They are very realistic looking and add a very eerie vibe to the film. My only gripe with the film is that with a city crawling with so many vampires, there is absolutely NO vampire action! Not one drop of blood is shown in the film. These "vampires" are after one thing only and it ain't blood! Be warned....if sex and nudity offend you, then you will definitely want to steer clear of this film, as this film is full of both. And don't worry, even though the film features a cameo appearance from Ron Jeremy, he stays fully clothed for his scenes!
Overall this is a good film, I just wish for a film about vampires, that it would have had a little more bite.

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