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Monday, March 15, 2010

This week's Horror related DVD releases: 3/16

Here are the Horror related DVD's coming out tomorrow, March 16th:
(click on the title to watch a trailer for that film)

Wow....a horrible week for us Horror fans. I guess everyone knows that TWILIGHT: NEW MOON was going to be so popular, that no one wanted to release their DVDs in the same week. (TWILIGHT: NEW MOON is being released this Saturday, 3/20)


  1. Bleh...the Twilight series gives vampires a bad name.

  2. Ive been curious for The Fourth Kind though..might give that one a look.

  3. I agree Scott...vampires should shrivel up and die in the sunlight. My wife says in the Twilight books, they "sparkle" in the sunlight! HA!

  4. FC...let me know about THE FOURTH KIND if you watch it....I don't know anyone that saw it, so haven't heard anything about it.