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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Check out the indie zombie film, HIGHWAY 91

I was just browsing the latest news over at DreadCentral.com and found this cool teaser trailer for the indie zombie flick, HIGHWAY 91.    Here is the breif synopsis:

Highway 91 follows a small group of survivors in a world where the dead have come back to life. They’ve been through it all and seen it all, but after they hear of an outpost that is supposedly zombie free, they decide to give it a chance. All they have to do is get there alive, but on the way they have to face serial killers, religious fanatics, and each other!

This looks like a fun film!  I realize this might not be for everybody, as it does look VERY low budget, but some people (like myself) really enjoy low budget films like this.  As an indie low budget (or even NO budget) filmmaker myself, it is inspiring to see what people can do with little budget.  The effects in this actually look really good. My only complaint would be the amount of CGI that was used, although I realize that CGI is a good way to get some effects that you normally couldn't get on a restricted budget. Either way it looks like we are in for a fun ride with HIGHWAY 91!!

CLICK HERE to watch the teaser trailer

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