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Saturday, April 2, 2011

DVD Review: BLUR (2007)

-------------Review by contributing writer Scott Baker------------------
Directed by Nick Briscoe
Distributed by:  Anthem Pictures

I have to warn you up front: BLUR is not a horror movie. It's more like a psychological thriller with a couple of jumps and scares added in. Granted, the DVD case cover sure makes it look like horror, with the demonic, screaming face and all. But dig into the story, and you'll find the reason for the face.
If you're not familiar with BLUR, here is the synopsis courtesy of Anthem Pictures:

Artist Adrian Jonas toils in preparation for the biggest gallery opening of his career. The creative process takes Adrian deep into the depths of his mind, where he begins to experience premonitions of a terrible fate that awaits his beloved Iliana. Adrian grows to suspect that a mysterious neighbor is the phantom who means to harm his wife. Compounding the danger, a masquerade party planned for that evening allows unwanted guests to mingle unnoticed. As his premonitions begin to come true, Adrian races to interpret his visions while there is still time to cheat fate

One of the first things that drew me in to BLUR is the haunting soundtrack. The music from this film definitely belongs in a horror movie. It's enchanting and eerie at the same time, like a midnight-hour seance done in the calming surroundings of your bedroom. I'm a big fan of certain movie soundtracks (I'm looking at you, Danny Elfman!) and would definitely pick this one up on CD, given the opportunity.

The next aspect of the film that really caught my attention was the way it was shot. The camera work in this film is superb, with many moving-camera shots and spanning, slow pans. Likewise, the location for the film (basically set entirely on a single piece of property) is beautiful, set mainly in an older, brick-and-stone estate. I'm not sure where the site is, but I'd love to know if it's for sale.

As for the plot, BLUR is a finely-crafted thriller with a very nice twist towards the end.  I can honestly say I sure didn't see anything like it coming. The pacing of the plot is perfect and takes the audience on a nice trip, right up to the climax, which leaves no questions unanswered. My hats off to the script-writer(s) for creating such a vivid story out of almost nothing.
My sole complaint about BLUR is that it doesn't have any Special Features per se, except for some stills and the 'actual' video taken from a video camera used within the film. I was really hoping for some behind the scenes footage at least, especially if it were to contain the location of the filming set (ahem). What can I say? It's an awesome house and an awesome estate!

All in all, BLUR is a definite win for me, although (to reiterate) it's certainly not horror. But do yourself a favor and shift gears; give BLUR a chance, watch it through to the credits, and enjoy the ride. I certainly think you'll be glad you did. I know I am.

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