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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Comic book spotlight: BLOKES TOMB OF HORROR #666

The fine folks at Virus Comix are back, and this time they have unleashed their latest comic, BLOKE'S TOMB OF HORROR #666! Now while I wish their were actually 665 previous issues, this is actually issue #6, and just like all the issues before it, this issues compiles a collection of stories from different writers and artists. This is a must have for fans of Horror comics. Issue #666 brings you 7 tales of pure Horror, including:

FAMILY MATTERS - A couple's car breaks down and they are forced to spend the night at the nearest house. The husband wakes up the next morning to find his wife mixing, but breakfast is on the table!
DR. BANG AND THE NAUGHTY NURSE - Dr. Bang, also known as "the head hunter from hell" looses his head when he matches wits against the fearless Nurse Hatchet!
HARLEY HAVOC-UNDER THE DUST - An alien survivor from the Roswell UFO crash is rescued from a secret government facility, but this rescuer might have a personal motive for the rescue....
THE SCREAMING STATUES - An art collector discovers that there is a reason that a certain sculptor's statues seem so lifelike.
WHO IS THE REAL VERMIN? - A tale about a sadistic exterminator who loves his job a little too much. His latest job could be his last.
ZOMBIE DECADENCE - a group of zombie hunters hunt and trap zombies to sell on the black market...and you won't believe what the people that buy them plan on using them for!
DEJA GRUE - Victoria's nightmare was just that, a dream. But tonight, dreams become reality!

Once again Virus Comix has put out a great read for us fans of Horror comics. This latest issue comes in 6 collectible covers!

Click on the covers below to purchase the comics!

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