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Friday, June 10, 2011


-------------Review by contributing writer Scott Baker------------------

Written and Directed by:  Todd Portugal
Distributed by: The Asylum Home Entertainment

After I watch a film, I will sometimes go out to imdb.com and see what others have to say about it. I do this for my own personal entertainment value because I don’t have mainstream tastes and some of the movies I love, others hate…and vice-versa. So, it’s always interesting to see what other people think.

 One of the reviews I read for THE LEGEND OF BLOODY JACK on imdb.com says “Enjoyed it for what it is.” The reviewer previously mentions how he and a group of friends dressed as lumberjacks and then sat around and made fun of this film as they watched it. I didn’t get the impression that the production team was going for humor with this movie, but I can see how it can be taken that way.

 If you’re not familiar with the film, here is a synopsis courtesy of the DVD cover:

 Campfire urban legend Bloody Jack comes to life in this brutal telling of the true story behind one of America’s most prolific serial killers.

 I find it very interesting when DVD cases have quotes about the film from supposed critics…but there are no references as to who made the quotes. For example, this one touts: “Recalls the raw, savage horror of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Last House on the Left.” But that’s all it says…no indication of who actually said it or anything. Which begs the question: does the quote have credibility if someone like the director or producer says it? Hmmmmmm. The other quote says: “A modern 70s horror classic.” My first inclination is to say “Huh?” That sentence has way too much going on to even make sense, let alone describe the film.

 I also find it somewhat interesting that every other movie released nowadays is ‘based on true events’. Wow…if that’s the case, then reality TV has nothing on the movies…and there are about 467 million serial killers running lose in the woods/streets. I’m not sure if the claim for this film is true or just a method for marketing, but I’m not buying it regardless.

 Unfortunately, THE LEGEND OF BLOODY JACK didn’t do much for me. It’s not a bad film per se, but it’s a mediocre attempt at a slasher film that brings nothing new to the table. I did not find it entertaining at all, and the only thing it has going for it is some decent low-budget gore.

 The story itself is ho-hum: a descendant of an infamous slasher attempts to resurrect him and actually does, sending him on a killing spree for no apparent reason. Ok…several problems here: we never find out who Bloody Jack was, nor do we find out how he is able to kill like he does (he ‘blinks’ in and out of existence thanks to some nifty camera work as he’s killing). We are to assume this is because he’s resurrected, but we don’t know. We also never find out why he looks like Freddy Krueger with a scarf wrapped around his lower face.

 As for the acting, it’s not too bad, but nothing to write home about either. I think the cast does the best they can with the material they have to work with. But really, the scriptwriting doesn’t do them any favors, either.

 As mentioned above, the gore is pretty good, with plenty of hatchet scenes and even a nice beheading. Heck, a guy even loses his hand and his junk when he’s attacked while taking a pee break. Like I said…the gore is the only thing that this film really has going for it.

 All in all, I just wasn’t entertained at all with THE LEGEND OF BLOODY JACK and will not recommend anyone else to watch it. It's not awful…it’s just a lackluster attempt that recycles familiar aspects of an already overdone genre.

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