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Friday, June 3, 2011

STUPID ZOMBIES have invaded my iPhone!!

Thanks to my buddy Cody, I recently found out about a great new iPhone game called STUPID ZOMBIES!  It is an awesome game and highly addicting, so I thought I would share with all my blog readers!

STUPID ZOMBIES is a simple game.  You are a man with 5 bullets.  You have multiple zombie to kill on each level.  That's it.  Sounds simple enough..and it is when you first start out.  But the further you go into the game, the harder it gets.   You get to levels with multiple zombies, so you have to take out multiple zombies with your few bullets.  This is all done by shooting in the exact right spots, working the angles and obstacles.    At first you are just using a single bullet each time, but later in the game you will get bullets that split, bullets that bounce, and even some that explode.

The game is set up like ANGRY BIRDS in that you have different levels you have to beat before going on to the next one, and you are also graded on a 3 star system.   This is ANGRY BIRDS for us horror fans!    Also...I think the little man character looks exactly like Ash from ARMY OF DARKNESS....do you agree?

Check this game out if you have an Android or iPhone.  I'm not sure about the Android app, since I am on an iPhone, but the iPhone version has a free app (not as many levels and ads) or you can purchase the full game for only $.99 cents!  It's easily one of the best dollars I have ever spent.  You will get hours and hours of enjoyment from this game.

CLICK HERE to watch a video ad for the game

CLICK HERE to visit the official Stupid Zombies website and download the game for your iPhone or Android  (or visit your phone's app store)


  1. Hot damn! Like I really need another reason not to work at work, but what the hell- it's in the name of all humanity.

  2. Consider it practice/training for the upcoming zombie apocalypse! It is your civic duty to play this game!

  3. I put this on my Android a while ago. I appreciated the math involved. The geometry and angles of the shots to be efficient ;)