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Sunday, November 13, 2011

DVD Review: 11/11/11 (2011)

---Review by contributing writer Scott Baker------
Written & Directed by:  Keith Allan
Distributed by:  The Asylum
There’s something extremely unnerving about kids who are set to bring about the end of the world, especially when they are not even teenagers yet. Obviously, this sense of foreboding is due in part to the common belief about the ‘innocence of childhood’. This is supposed to be a time of exploration, wonderment, and growth...not dread, brimstone, and fire. The Asylum’s 11/11/11 is a nifty jaunt into this child-terror territory.
If you are not familiar with 11/11/11, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of imdb.com:
Jack and Melissa are frightened by their son's bizarre and violent behavior; they soon learn that he is the gateway to the Apocalypse, and it will happen on his birthday, 11-11-11.
First off, let me start this review by giving The Asylum a nod of congrats. I have butchered a few of their movies in the past, but am happy to report 11/11/11 delivers an entertaining and memorable trip. This is not a perfect movie, but it is well done and definitely worth checking out.
One aspect of the film that really grabbed me early on is the dark tone of the film. You can tell pretty much from the onset that nothing good is going to happen here. As the family moves into their new home and the slightly-different neighbors start to show up, you get a sense that things are going to go downhill quickly. And boy, do they. Half of what makes this movie work is how uncomfortable you feel as you watch the family deal with these quirky people.
The acting is impressive as well. Previous Asylum films have really lacked in this department, but I have to admit that the cast of 11/11/11 does an excellent job. The special effects are also top notch, with several nice blood splatters and even a freaky levitation scene.
But as good as the movie is, it does have some downsides as well. For one thing, the story is never fully developed. We do not know exactly what will happen (to mankind) if the Devil is reborn in the boy. Nor are we told what exactly happened at the beginning of the movie (there is a massacre...but it never explains who it was that was killed or why).
Another downfall is the lack of explanation as to who the neighbors really are and how they know who Nathan (the boy) is. These actually don’t hurt the story too badly while you’re watching the movie, but the questions will definitely arise as the credits roll.
Otherwise, 11/11/11 is an entertaining flick and one that I’m glad I watched BEFORE today (which is Friday, 11/11/2011). I especially liked the very ending of this movie, as it leaves you with a sense of awe and dread. I won’t give it away, so you can check it out for yourself. Definitely give this one a look.

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