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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Check out the very creepy trailer for the abduction film, THE BUNNY GAME

First off, let me warn you that the trailer below if very brutal and graphic, so it is definitely not safe for work or if kids are around...watch at your own discretion.  THE BUNNY GAME is the latest film from writer/director Adam Rehmeier, and while recently banned in the U.K., it will be released in the US in July of this year.  The rights to the U.S. release were recently picked up by the newly formed company, AUTONOMY PICTURES.   Autonomy Pictures says it is "a filmmaker-driven company dedicated to producing and distributing boundary-pushing, uncompromising cinema on a worldwide scale".   Sounds pretty good, and if the first film THE BUNNY GAME is any indication of the type of films they will release, I think we are all in for a real treat!!

Here is the plot of the THE BUNNY GAME from the Autonomy Pictures website:

  Emaciated and living on the streets in a drug induced fog, hapless prostitute Sylvia “Bunny” Gray, moves listlessly from one “trick” to the next. Throwing caution to the wind with each new encounter, whatever life she has left, is about to spiral into pure madness.
  What starts off as another rendezvous in the cab of a tractor trailer with a trucker named JR, aka “Hog,” turns horrific as Bunny is abducted, stripped, bound in chains, and shaved bald. She is at the mercy of a maniac and will find herself fighting for her life.
  Already banned in the UK, Adam Rehmeier’s nightmarish (yet cautionary) tale shatters viewers’ perceptions of “torture porn” with its bleak and nihilistic narrative. A story of one man’s quest to break a woman’s mind, body, and soul; THE BUNNY GAME is an unapologetic essay on the evil that is possible when you have nothing left to lose.

Check this trailer out for sure, while the "torture-porn" sub-genre is getting old in a lot of peoples eyes, this one looks to be very different and even very artistic at times based on scenes in this trailer.  I will be checking this one out for sure once it is released.

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer


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