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Friday, March 2, 2012

Who knew bed sheets could be so scary!!

Thanks to regular contributor Caleb Schoeppe for sending me a link to what could be the coolest bed comforter set ever made.  Yes, I know bed sheets and comforters aren't usually what you are looking to read about when you come to this website, but this is definitely worth mentioning.  
 Designer Melissa Christie has made what has to be the coolest comforter and pillow cases I have ever seen.  Check out the pick below.   This is called the "Never Sleep Alone" Bed set.  Melissa sold it on the Etsy shopping site, and I don't know what amount it sold for, but by looking at this, whatever that lucky person paid for this set got a great deal.  This bed set is priceless!  Who wouldn't want to sleep on a bed with zombie arms reaching up for you and a huge blood stain on your pillow cases!  Well done, Melissa! 

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  1. That was on Reddit too earlier. Cool stuff. It's a pity she only had the one set.