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Sunday, March 25, 2012

DVD Review: FAN OF THE DEAD (2007)

-------------Review by contributing writer Scott Baker------------------
Distributed by:  Cheezy Flicks

  Let’s face it: to fans like me, George Romero is almost a deity. The man has an amazing imagination and his track record of films prove it. He is a myth, a legend, and a reality, all rolled into one. So when Hayes offered me this documentary to review, I knew it was right for me.
  If you’re not familiar with FAN OF THE DEAD, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of the Cheezy Flicks website:
  In 1968, George Romero traumatized a whole generation with his legendary and revolutionary "Night of the Living Dead", which truly marks the birth of modern horror movies. This movie was followed by the cult classic "Dawn of the Dead" in 1978 and the apocalyptical "Day of the Dead" in 1985 and Night of the Living Dead (1990). The George Romero trilogy became instant classics. With a worldwide community of fans, the phenomenon is not without evoking the Star Wars mania! Camera in hand, Nicolas Garreau crossed the Atlantic Ocean from France to realize his dream. Roaming the steep roads day and night of a sometimes lugubrious Pennsylvania countryside, he found the locations and people who made the Romero zombie trilogy come alive. This DVD contains exclusive interviews with cast and crew members and reveals all the filming locations of the trilogy including locations not known to the public, like the missile launch pad of "Day of the Dead" and the real basement used in "Night of the Living Dead - 1968", a guided tour of the mall with Ken Foree and others, along with extras and bonus footage.
  I was surprised to find out that this documentary was actually a French-made production. The narrator/director is Nicolas Garreau and this film is actually a compilation of video clips that he put together from a trip he made to the United States a few years back. But what makes Garreau’s trip unique is that he used it to visit several of the filming locations of Romero’s films.
  In addition to the DEAD films, Romero had other noted works, such as CREEPSHOW. Garreau visits several locations in the DEAD genre as well as a couple from CREEPSHOW as well. During each visit, he manages to squeeze in some history as well as notable facts for each location.
  Probably the best section of FAN OF THE DEAD for me was when Garreau visits the Pittsburgh Comic Convention and gets to interact with several of the stars of the original DAWN OF THE DEAD, including Ken Foree and David Early. He then gets to tag along with them as they visit the mall where much of the film was shot. The stars point out specific locations for scenes in the film and tell interesting stories about the shoot as well.
  Because it’s a documentary, there’s really nothing to note as far as cinematography, acting, or special effects go. But there is plenty of information crammed into this hour-long film. Give this one a look if you want to see one man’s pilgrimage to his zombie-Graceland. 

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