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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Movie Review: FATHER'S DAY (2011)

Written & Directed by:  ASTRON-6
Distributed by:  Troma Entertainment

FATHER'S DAY is another movie filmed the style of an old grindhouse film.   Many filmmakers have tried this technique, but none that I have seen have captured that true grindhouse style quite like FATHER'S DAY has.  Here is the basic plot from imdb.com:

Ahab, a man obsessed with exacting a brutal, violent revenge on the man who murdered his dad, joins John, an eager priest, and Twink, a hot-headed street hustler, on an epic quest to find and defeat this mythical monster known as Chris Fuchman AKA The Father's Day Killer.
This is one crazy movie.  I can guarantee you that you have not seen a movie quite like this before.  The movie is done in perfect style that reminds you of watching a film late at night on TV back in the 70's or early 80's including a TV station introduction of the film and a commercial break in the middle of the film advertising the late movie coming on after FATHER'S DAY, called, STAR RAIDERS, which looks hilarious by the way.
The film is great and has something in it for everyone.  There is action, some humor, and loads of great gore, including a nasty scene where a man literally vomits his guts out!   Gross!
This movie is actually very hard to describe, because there is just so much going on.  The film gets especially crazy at the end when the the main characters descend into Hell to fight the Father's Day killer, who is a gigantic demon they three men must do battle against.
This movie is sick, twisted, perverted, and everything in between, so naturally, I loved it!
Check this one out if you have the chance.  FATHER'S DAY is in theaters around the country now in a limited release, and here is some info on the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray release from the Troma Entertainment press release:

"The 3-disc limited edition will now be released on June 12, just in time for Father's Day. It's the perfect gift for your father or abusive step-father! Only 10,000 numbered copies will be available, and the release will contain the film on blu-ray, a full length making-of documentary on DVD, a CD soundtrack and the many other bonuses for which Troma is known."
Oh, and did I mention Lloyd Kaufman plays God in the film?  That is reason enough to watch it right there!  This is one of Troma's better works lately and shows the true talent behind the Astron-6 team.  They are filmmakers to keep an eye on for sure!

CLICK HERE to visit the film's official website and watch the trailer

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