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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Check out the red-band trailer for the Australian shark film, BAIT 3D!

  Back in May of 2011, I posted a trailer for an Australian horror film called BAIT 3D, about a killer shark in a supermarket.  Now, I know that sounds a little far fetched, but the film actually looks really good.  Here is the plot synopsis from the Upcoming Horror Movies website:
In a sleepy coastal resort community, shoppers at an underground supermarket find themselves terrorized by a crazed bandit when the unimaginable occurs... A monstrous freak tsunami swallows the town.

Now trapped inside a flooded supermarket with an armed maniac and rushing water threatening to entomb them all in a watery grave, tensions mount, tempers snap, and the imprisoned band of survivors discover the threat from without has ignited an even more immediate threat from within. Their own desire to survive whatever the cost.

However as hostilities reach breaking point the survivors discover they are not alone. The tsunami has brought some unwanted visitors from the depths, and as the waters rise they must overcome not only the threat of drowning and the human menace within their midst, but a threat more deadly than both and far more bloodthirsty... packs of hungry tiger sharks.

  So, as you can see from this plot synopsis, a shark in a supermarket makes total sense!  BAIT 3D is set for DVD/Blu-ray release on September 18th (with a limited theatrical run September 14th).

CLICK HERE to watch the red-band trailer

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