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Friday, July 13, 2012


Directed by  Richard Schenkman
Distributed by  The Asylum

Well, the good folks at The Asylum are back with another straight to DVD knock off of a major theatrical release.  This time the set their sites on ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER with their own take on ol' Honest Abe, with ABRAHAM LINCOLN VS. ZOMBIES.   Here is the basic plot from the film's imdb page:

While the Civil War rages on, President Abraham Lincoln must undertake an even more daunting task - destroying the Confederate Undead.

Now I know some people are not a big fan of these knock off films The Asylum puts out, but you will want to put those feelings aside and give this one a chance.  In fact, this could be the best Asylum film to date! 

  The production value on this film looks huge compared to other Asylum films.  The acting is actually really good, and I think the actor portraying Abraham Lincoln, Bill Oberst Jr., might have actually made a better Abe than the actor from VAMPIRE HUNTER.   The costumes in this film were great, as were the sets and location shots.

  Another great thing about this film was, of course, the zombies!  The zombie make-up was done very well and there are tons of great zombie kills all throughout this film...including a number of zombie be-headings courtesy of Mr. Lincoln's trusty scythe! 

  This is one Asylum film you will most certainly want to check out.   The mixture of history and fiction really makes this a fun film, and the ending was remarkable.   I wont say too much about the ending, but lets just say that a certain tragedy that befell President Lincoln is explained here in a very unique and cool way.   Check this one out for sure!  ABRAHAM LINCOLN VS. ZOMBIES is available now on DVD from The Asylum.

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer and purchase the DVD


  1. It's GOT to be better than Vampire Hunter was.

  2. One not of interest, due to scheduling problems all the zombie & actors were the product of one Makeup artist, Renonda Anderson, with some help from the actors themselves.

  3. Love the inside scoop Mike! It was very stressful but I survived a better and faster make up artist :)

  4. I hear nothing but good things about this movie, cant wait to see it! Thanks for the review.

  5. Renonda, my [top]hat off to you for a job well done!! I can't imagine the work that went into getting all those actors in zombie make up! Great job! Zombie make up can really make or break a zombie film, no matter how good the story is!