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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The 4H Blog is taking a break for a few days...I am having eye surgery!

Yep, just like Olivia from FINAL DESTINATION 5, I am having corrective vision surgery tomorrow, 7/26.   After Lasek surgery, I should be free of glasses and contacts forever!

After going under the "laser", I will have to rest the next few days and pretty much keep my eyes closed for a few days afterwards. 

So, there will be no new post until next week, probably mid week or so.  Well, wish me luck and I hope my eye surgery goes better than Olivia's did.    If you never saw FINAL DESTINATION 5, click the link below to see how Olivia's surgery turned out. 

CLICK HERE to see the results of Olivia's eye surgery!


  1. I wish I could get rid of my glasses as well. I envy you, but at the same time I'm scared for you. Get better soon, we'll be here waiting for you. :)

  2. I have had that surgery, just relax and ta da!!! no rubbing your eyes:)
    I will keep an eye out for you!!!

  3. Thanks guys! It is takinga little longer to heal than I thought...still pretty blurry, but getting better I think!