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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Blu-ray Review: EXCISION (2012)

Written & Directed by Richard Bates Jr.
Distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment

Wow.  That is all I can say about this film.  I knew nothing of EXCISION upon it's arrival in my mailbox.  I had heard nothing about it or seen any mentions of it anywhere.  I am not sure how or why this movie is not causing more of an uproar on the Internet.  Maybe it is and I just haven't noticed it, but after watching this film, I would think this is one that people should be talking about.  In fact, this is a film that should be talked about for years to come.  While a lot of films come and go, this one will leave a lasting impression for sure.  For those unfamiliar with this film, here is the basic plot from the back of the Blu-ray:

In a performance critics are calling "ballsy" (FEARnet), "fearless" (The Film Emporium) and "exceedingly brilliant" (Quiet Earth), AnnaLynne McCord of "90210" stars as Pauline, an unattractive high school outcast who hates her uptight mother (Traci Lords), is caring towards her chronically-ill kid sister(Ariel Winter of "Modern Family") and wants to lose her virginity to her popular classmate (Jeremy Sumpter of Soul Surfer).  But most of all, Pauline loves her psychosexual fantasies about performing graphic surgery. And very soon, one extremely disturbed suburban teen is about to make all of her dreams come true.

The main thing that sticks out to me in this film is the  acting.  Every performance is top-notch and very believable.  There is a great mix of characters on display and each one is acted out to perfection.
The film is shot very well also, with some great cinematography and some very creepy, visual dream sequences.  

The film drew me in from the very beginning and never let go.  This is a film I did not want to be over when it was.   The ending came way to soon for me and the way it ended left much to be answered.  That is not a negative, though...that leaves more room for the viewer to think about the film long after the disc is removed from the player, and I guarantee this is one you will be thinking about long after it is over.

There is not much I can say about this film that will do it justice.  This is one you will just need to trust me on and watch for yourself.  If you have seen this film already, leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on the film. 

EXCISION is available now on DVD and Blu-ray from Anchor Bay Entertainment.

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