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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Check out the great claymation short film, CHINSAW MAID (2007)!


If you are a zombie fan, you will definitely want to check out this short film called CHAINSAW MAID.  It is a simple tale of a family who's home is under attack from the undead, but the trusty maid is there to put an end to those pesky zombies!   The film is done in claymation and the effects are very good with some awesome gore! 

CHAINSAW MAID was directed by Takena Nagao.  Check out this great film!

CLICK HERE to watch the short film


  1. Awesome! I miss the days of clay-mated music videos and shows. So much better than all the computer graphics!

  2. I fuckin' love Chainsaw Maid! All of Takena's work actually. Been subscribed for years.

  3. I agree RG! This reminds me of the Celebrity Deathmatch show on MTV. DW..that is cool that you know about CM and Takena's work! I had never heard of him until today! I have been missing out!

  4. I love the sounds and music he uses in the vids... especially the high pitched one when some creepy shit happens and eyes are wide open. Crazy stuff. Watch DEAD GIRL.