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Saturday, December 8, 2012


By Chris Pauls and Matt Solomon
Published by Chronicle Books

  I recently finished reading what may be the best zombie book I have ever read.  Know I know that is a huge statement, but I really don't ever remember truly enjoying a zombie book as much as I did this one.  The book called DECK Z:  THE TITANIC by Chris Pauls and Matt Solomon.  Here is the synopsis of the book from the Chronicle Books website:

Imagine being trapped aboard the doomed Titanic on an icy Atlantic. . . with the walking dead. This fast-paced thriller reimagines the historical events of the fateful Titanic voyage through the lens of zombie mayhem. Captain Edward Smith and his inner circle desperately try to contain a weaponized zombie virus smuggled on board with the 2,200 passengers sailing to New York. Faced with an exploding population of lumbering, flesh-hungry undead, Smith’s team is forced into bloody hand-to-hand combat down the narrow halls of the huge steamer. In its few short days at sea, the majestic Titanic turns into a Victorian bloodbath, steaming at top speed toward a cold, blue iceberg. A creepy, tense pageturner, Deck Z will thrill zombie fans and Titanic buffs alike.

  I am a big fan of the Titanic.  I love the history behind it and yes, I even loved the James Cameron film.  I also love zombies.  So to mesh these two subjects into one book was truly genius.  The book is easy to read and flows very nicely.  The action is fairly non-stop throughout the film, so there were no real slow parts like some books tend to have.   The book is very visual and allows you to picture everything that is happening.  I could see this book being turned into a film very easily, as reading it was like watching a zombie movie in my head!  In fact, the subject of zombies on a cruise ship is one I really can't believe hasn't been done yet.  As this book proves, it provides a very good backdrop for a zombie outbreak, as everyone is confined and there is nowhere to escape from it.

  The book was a perfect mixture of Titanic history and zombie mayhem.  It was fun to find out the reason the Titanic hit that iceberg that fateful night.  You will have to read it to find out for yourself!

  If you are a fan of zombie books, you will want to check this book out for sure.  As I stated above, I don't remember the last time I enjoyed a zombie book this much. I consider this book a must have.  This would be a great present to buy for that certain someone you  know that loves zombies!  The book is available now at bookstores or you can purchase directly from Chronicle Books by clicking the link below.

CLICK HERE to purchase the book

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