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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Check out director Eric England's upcoming film, CONTRACTED

 Director  has begun filming on his newest feature film titled, CONTRACTED.  You may remember director England from his last film, MADISON COUNTY, which was reviewed here on the 4H website.  MADISON COUNTY was a very well made film and I posted that I look forward to future projects from Mr. England. 
Not much is known about this new project yet in terms of specific plot, but here is the basic plot from the film's imdb page:

A young girl has a one-night stand with a random stranger and contracts, what she thinks is, a sexually-transmitted disease - but is actually something much worse.

Who knows what this could be....could it be a zombie virus she contracts.  I am always happy to see a new zombie film, and that poster does remind me of the virus zombies from films such as 28 DAYS LATER or the REC/QUARANTINE films.   Or, maybe it is something totally different.   Whatever it is, I look forward to seeing this one.   It will be a while before we get a chance to see it, though, as filming just began earlier this month.  I will keep you posted with details as I get them!

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