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Friday, May 10, 2013

MONDO CULT MAGAZINE #3 is one sale now! Check out this great cover by artist L.J. Dopp!

  If you are a fan of old, cult, horror films you will definitely want to check out the magazine called MONDO CULT.   The magazine is up to issue #3 which is on sale now, but you can also still purchase the back issues of issues #1 and #2.   The magazine is full of news, info, and reviews of cult horror and sci-fi films from the past, along with news and info about newer cult films and TV shows.
Issue #3 is a truly great issue, containing one of the greatest horror magazine covers of all time.  The cover is a picture of a painting of cult screen legend Rondo Hatton which was painted by L.J. Dopp, one of the most talented commercial artists working today.  In fact, the cover of Mondo Cult #3 earned Mr. Dopp a nomination for "Best Magazine Cover" in this year's annual Rondo Awards
   Mr. Dopp is also a movie maker, and directed a film I reviewed on my site back in 2010 called CRUSTACEAN  (see that review here).  
  Check out Mondo Cult #3 and also check out L.J. Dopp's website to view all of his wonderful work!

CLICK HERE to purchase your copy of Mondo Cult #3
CLICK HERE to visit the official website of artist L.J. Dopp

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