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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

DVD Review: CRUSTACEAN (2010)

I have always had a fascination with carnival side shows. I remember as a kid going to our state fair and seeing the "tiniest person alive" and the woman that was half person/ half snake! These are now considered "non-PC" shows, so they are not found in fairs and carnivals today. Luckily we have movies like CRUSTACEAN to get our "freak show" fix. CRUSTACEAN was written and directed by L.J. Dopp. Her is the basic synopsis from the DVD:

A lobster-clawed freak from a lurid sideshow wreaks a wrath of bloody horror --through a rural community so small that only two families live there--in this over-the-top parody of grindhouse sci-fi/Horror flicks from the 50's through the 80's. The film stars Hanna Harper (Co-Ed Confidential) and HELLRAISER's Peter Atkins. You've heard of the Elephant Man? Well, meet Lobster Baby!

CRUSTACEAN is a Horror/comedy that doesn't take itself seriously at all, I mean, with a premise like that, how could it! It knows it is a silly, crazy, film and all it sets out to do is have some fun and entertain, and that is exactly what it does. There is something in this film for everyone. Comedy is all throughout it, but us gore hounds are not left out, as there is plenty of flowing red stuff! It is amazing how much blood comes out of a person when they are squeezed at the neck by Lobster Baby! Also, watch at the end for a great gut busting scene reminiscent of the scene from ALIEN (if the crew of ALIEN was a bunch of rednecks in a trailer home). Also noteworthy of this film, is the wonderful music throughout. Listen to the words closely as some of the songs are laugh-out-load hilarious! I would recommend this DVD to anyone that is a fan of the Horror/comedy genre.

CLICK HERE to watch the 7 minute CRUSTACEAN trailer!
CLICK HERE to visit the official site and purchase the DVD!


  1. That sounds hilarious. And a 7 MINUTE trailer?! And I thought the ones they advertise on TV were ridiculously long.

  2. It is hilarious. It is a perfect movie to get a group of friends together, drink some beers, and just have a fun time watching a silly movie!

  3. too funny! I can recall that our state fairs used to have tent shows of some very strange people back in the day...which was probably the reason my mother never let me go! By the time I was old enough to go, they'd stopped the side shows...bummer. Geez, this Crustacean would have fit perfectly here in Maine, land of the lobster lol.

  4. HA! This should be required viewing for anyone that lives in Maine!

  5. I am a huge Hannah Harper fan! Thanks for the contest!

  6. this look like a B class movie, I mean just look the cover of the movie, and the names of the actors, with that you can judge the rest of the movie.