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Friday, May 7, 2010

Book Review: TELEVISION FRIGHT FILMS OF THE 1970s by David Deal

Remember all the great made for TV Horror films from back in the 70's? They just don't make TV horror films like that anymore. TELEVISION FRIGHT FILMS OF THE 1970s by David Deal takes the reader on a excellent in-depth journey through this golden age of made for TV Horror films. This hardcover book is published by McFarland Publishers and can be ordered through their website (http://www.mcfarlandpub.com/).
Deal's book covers close to 150 made for TV fright films from the 1970s. Each title is in alphabetical order and gives a basic plot synopsis about each film, along with lots of other in-depth info and trivia tidbits about each film. At the end of each movie section, there is a list of the Cast and Credits, along with the Running Time, the original Air Date, and the network the movie originally aired on.
With almost 150 films discussed in detail, you will find many well known films such as DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK, KILLER BEES, and SALEM'S LOT, just to name a few. You will also find some very obscure titles, such as DEATH CAR ON THE FREEWAY, SNOWBEAST, and SKI LIFT TO DEATH! If you are like me, and are too young to have seen these films when they first aired, it is a lot of fun to read about all these great films you missed. Some films I have seen, but didn't realize they were made for TV, such as TRILOGY OF TERROR with Karen Black, and Steven Spielberg's DUEL. The book is also full of photos and movie posters of the films. You will read about and recognize many movie and TV stars throughout the book such as Carl Weathers, Jack Palance, Ernest Bornine, Patty Duke, Anthony Perkins, Larry Hagman, Alan Alda, Linda Blair, James Earl Jones, and Barbara Eden just to name a few. It is pretty amazing the caliber of stars that participated in these movies back in the 70s. Nowadays, there are very few if any made for TV films on network TV. TELEVISION FRIGHT FILMS OF THE 1980s is a perfect way to relive, or learn about for the first time, these great made for TV films!

You can call McFarland's toll free order line at 1-800-253-2187 to purchase this book or order directly from McFarland's website by CLICKING HERE.


  1. TELEVISION FRIGHT FILMS OF THE 1970s was perfect because I used o watch them and one day while I was watching a horror movie I got crap in my pants and it was th moment when I realize the movie was really good.