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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Those of you in the Washington D.C. area that remember watching Count Gore De Vol on his weekly Creature Feature show will love this film. Those of you that have never heard of Count Gore De Vol will love it even more! Why? Because you will have the joy of meeting one of the greatest (if not, THE greatest) T.V. Horror Hosts of all time! Before, I go any further, here is the plot synopsis from the BrinkDVD website:

EVERY OTHER DAY IS HALLOWEEN is an amazing and funny true life story of television personality Dick Dyszel, whose popular television characters, "Count Gore De Vol" and "Captain 20," continue to inspire generations of fans and artists. Featuring rare, never before seen footage, along with interviews with writers like Steve Niles (30 Days of Night), filmmakers such as Jeff Krulik (Heavy Metal Parking Lot), as well a new generation of horror hosts John Dimes ("Dr. Sarcofiguy") and Jerry Moore II ("Karlos Borloff"). Dick Dyszel's career and impact shows how art can sometimes come back to re-influence itself, and how the best days will always be ahead.

I grew up in a somewhat small town. It was the 2nd largest city in the state, but still a relatively small town in comparison to other states. My city, or even any surrounding cities, didn't have a show like Creature Feature or a Horror Host to watch like a lot of kids did, which I never really thought much about, until after viewing this great DVD. I realize now the joy I missed out on as a kid by not growing up in a larger market. Thankfully, EVERY OTHER DAY IS HALLOWEEN is here and can help us re-live our childhood and see the joys of Horror Hosts like Count Gore De Vol! You will get to see footage of all 3 of Dick Dyszel's characters he played on T.V. , including not only the Count, but also a character named Captain 20 and even the infamous Bozo The Clown!

There are tons of interviews with other genre notables, which is a lot of fun to see, and it is interesting to hear how much others were influenced by this one man, Count Gore De Vol!

I highly suggest this film. I had never even heard the name Count Gore De Vol, yet I found this film to be incredibly entertaining, very well made, and a great homage to this man that I now want to learn more about! This one is a must buy for sure!

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  1. I loved it too! While Count Gore De Vol was before my time, I had heard of him because my mom grew up in that area. I was glad to get to watch the story about such a great man. I wish we had more horror hosts on TV these days.

  2. Oh Jeez! I forgot about that! I grew up in the DC area (Fairfax). I forgot all about him! How could I? I watched Creature Feature. Holy smokes! Thanks for the nostalgic reminder.

  3. Autumnforest, that is cool that you actually watched his show! You need a copy of this dvd for sure then! It will bring back some memories!
    Morphine...I agree that we need more horror hosts...esp in smaller markets like where I live!!

  4. Yes I live in Central Oregon, there's nothing like that here, I wish it was though.