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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dario Argento's next film is DRACULA 3D??

According to Shocktillyoudrop.com, legendary filmmaker Dario Argento will be writing and directing a new Dracula film that will begin filming in Italy next January. And...if that isn't cool enough news, it is also being reported that it will be in 3D! (Yes, I am one of the few that actually love all the new 3D movies!). I hope this report is true....nothing is mentioned about it on Argento's imdb page. Maybe it is too early and just hasn't been posted on there yet. I hope this is true, as I would love to see what Mr. Argento could do with this classic tale. What do you think? Is this a project that you would be excited to see?


  1. Argento hasnt impressed me much lately, his more recent films have been complete disappointments! But who knows, maybe this one will be the one that turns things around!

  2. Argento + vampires= gold. Honestly, the 3D aspect I could take or leave, but this does sound cool.

    Of course, the market being the way it is, we probably won't get it until 2012. By that point, the world will have been wiped out by giant CG tidal waves, so what's the point? :-)

    For the record, 'The Third Mother' was awesome- CG gore or no CG gore.

  3. Well if it is true this is definitely unexpected... If that's what Argento wants to do I say go for it. He's got my full support.

  4. THis will be his greatest disasterpiece! I can't wait.


  5. hahaha every dracula or vampires movie or tv show since the 2000 it's a blame... so i guess that this one it's not gonna make the difference.