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Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm baaaack!

That's right, I am back from the 5th annual Texas Frightmare Weekend, and had an awesome time as expected. I am still coming down from meeting all the great stars this weekend....and hey, did this really happen??
This picture doesn't seem real to me.....I can't believe I got to meet this living legend, George Romero!!

Stay tuned for more pics in the next few days! I will also do a run down about all the great films I saw screened and some new actors and actresses I met that you need to keep an eye on!!


  1. Aaaaahhhhhh! So jealous! :D Did you end up finding something great for him to sign?

    Can't wait to read all about the rest of it, you lucky duck!

  2. I got him to sign my DAWN OF THE DEAD Ultimate Edition DVD. Silver signature on that black box looks great! I will post more pics soon!!

  3. Awesome dude...sounds like it was uber fun

  4. I missed a golden opportunity to meet Romero and have been bummed about it since. Great photo, but I didn't know you were that old and wore glasses?!

  5. Ha! Yep, yet George just looks younger and younger all the time!