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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Ford Brothers return with.....THE DEAD 2: INDIA !

  If you are a fan of zombie movies (and if you aren't, you are probably reading the wrong blog), then you will certainly be excited about the fact that the Ford Brothers are returning with a sequel to their 2010 zombie film, THE DEAD.   I did a review of THE DEAD back in 2011, and you can read my review here.  I thought THE DEAD was one of the greatest zombie films to come out in years, on par with the early Romero zombie films.  I was super excited when I heard that the sequel, THE DEAD 2:  INDIA was being made and is now in post-production.  Here is the basic plot of THE DEAD 2: INDIA  from the great write-up about the film on the Bloody Disgusting website

“The Dead 2: India follows the story of American engineer Nicholas Burton (Joseph Millson) in a race against time to reach his pregnant girlfriend Ishani Sharma (Meenu). Burton enlists the help of an orphan street kid Javed (Anand Goyal) and together they make a perilous 300 mile journey across deadly landscapes as a zombie apocalypse threatens to engulf the entire nation.

This looks like another great zombie film from the Ford Brothers!  I have not seen any sort of release date, but I will keep you posted once I hear one.

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer
CLICK HERE to visit the film's official website
CLICK HERE to visit the film's official facebook page

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