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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The notorious GUINNEA PIG series is being revived in the new AMERICAN GUINNEA PIG films!

  If you are a fan of horror, especially gore films, then you surely know about the Japanese GUINNEA PIG series of films.  These included the titles DEVIL'S EXPERIMENT, ANDROID OF NOTRE DAME, MERMAID IN A MANHOLE, and FLOWER OF FLESH AND BLOOD as well as  few others.  These films were known for their graphic violence and realistic looking gore.  In fact, they looked so realistic that many times the films were thought to be actual snuff films, launching actual police investigations into the films and their creators.  

  The great folks at Unearthed Films brought these films to the U.S. with an excellent box set years ago.  Now, the founder of Unearthed Films, Stephen Biro, is bringing the Guinea Pig series back in a BIG way!   Mr. Biro will be directing the first  installment of a new revamping of the series called, aptly named, AMERICAN GUINEA PIG!  The first film in this new series is titled BOUQUET OF GUTS AND GORE.   I think that title pretty much sums up what you will see in this new series of films.  I know I am super excited for this new project!  Here are some pics from the first film that will give you a small sampling of what is in store for you with the new AMERICAN GUINEA PIG films!


  Keep in mind these are the somewhat "tame" pics that I can show on my site!  I have seen some other pics from the film and they look like they are really giving these films all they got in terms of the blood and gore.  Mr. Biro is not holding anything back and it looks like he is going to give us gore fans something we haven't seen in a long time!

  Stay tuned and I will pass on more details once they are available!  Also, like the AMERICAN GUINEA PIG Facebook page for more info and details!