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Sunday, July 17, 2011

DVD Review: SLAUGHTER (2009)

Written and Directed by:  Dan Martin (Juno Jakob)
Distributed by:  Celebrity Video Distribution

SLAUGHTER is a "found footage" type of film where we are supposedly viewing the videotapes that a serial killer made that have been recently found by the authorities.
Here is the official plot from the CVD website:

Ride shotgun with a deranged, serial killing, rapist. Go inside the head of escaped mental patient, David Ward, as a he terrorizes the town of Collingwood, England.
As you watch from David's vantage point, you will see that drugs, rape, murder, and sodomy are all just a day in the life of this madman. David was kind enough to document his killing spree. Crawl inside his thoughts.

This film is a hard one to review.  It's hard to say this film is good, because of the awful subject matter it deals with.  Watching a killer beat, rape, and kill women is not really an enjoyably thing to do.   On the other hand, the film was done pretty well with some good acting and some good effects.  There isn't much blood, but you see if very well done and looks pretty realistic.    There are some very graphic scenes in this film, so be warned.   There is a castration scene that will have you squirming in your seat.  Many other scenes will really make you feel for the victims that are being put through this torture and abuse.

Writer/Director Dan Martin says he was 17 at when the film was completed.   That is a very impressive fact and amazes me that someone so young could make such a controversial film (the film was banned from any screenings in several U.K. counties)

This film won't be for everyone.  It is well done, but like I stated before, the subject matter is awful and will be hard for some people to watch. While I didn't like the subject matter or seeing these things take place on screen, I can respect a filmmaker for making this sort of film and making it was well as this one was.  I'm sure it was a hard film for the actors to make.

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  1. This movie wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. It's nothing new, but it's watchable. The writing and the acting could have been better.

  2. Almost sounds like the Poughkeepsie Tapes, which I thought was fairly well done. I think the killer in poughkeepsie was probably the most vile human ever imagined. But there's always room for worse in this business ;)

  3. Thank you very much for the review
    Juno (Dan Martin)