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Sunday, September 16, 2012

A look back at the FRIDAY THE 13th NES game...

  Making the post about the Mortal Kombat games yesterday got me thinking about how cool some horror related games could be.   I have gotten back into video games after getting an Xbox 360 last Christmas "for the kids". Ha!  I have played DEAD RISING, DEAD ISLAND, and the CALL OF DUTY ZOMBIE games, but where are our favorite Horror icons?  Where is a FRIDAY THE 13TH or NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET game...or a TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE game?  If they exist, I don't know about them.  In fact, the only FRIDAY THE 13TH game I remember was back on the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System.  If you never had a chance to play this game, you did not miss much. In fact, it is widely considered one of the worst NES games of all time. 

  Here is a short video showing you actual game-play from the game.  Basically you just walked around shooting zombies with stones or knives, and then going in cabins every now and then to defend the campers from Jason.   After doing that that a number of times, then you get to fight Jason in a fight to the finish!   Sounds exciting, huh?  Well it wasn't.  It was super boring and just dumb on many levels.  I remember it also being super hard and nearly impossible to actually get to the final battle with Jason. Watch some game play in the video below:

And then watch the video below to see the extremely anti-climatic ending.  It seems after making it this far and actually defeating Jason that you would get something a little better than this!

  I can't imagine why a new FRIDAY THE 13TH game has never been made for the new game systems.  With the graphics nowadays, you could make a really great game.  I envision a first person shooter where you search Camp Crystal Lake for weapons to kill Jason.   I think that could be a lot of fun, but until then, you can dust off that old NES and play this version, although I wouldn't recommend it!


  1. I use to play that game all the time, memories....

  2. Ha...I played it a little, but it was so bad I always got frustrated with it. I wanted to like it so bad, though!!

  3. haha, looks like a helluva fun game :)

  4. I, too, got frustrated while playing it, but because it was Friday the 13th, I loved it! :)