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Sunday, September 9, 2012

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD LIVE...coming to a stage near you!

 All of the sudden, a swarm of live stage shows are being created based on old, classic horror movies.  Most notable of late has been EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL, but there have also been live stage shows based on THE TOXIC AVENGER, RE-ANIMATOR, and THE EXORCIST.  Well, we can now add NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD to the list of movies getting their own stage show!
 Nictophobia Films is bringing George Romero's classic 1968 film to life  (or is it un-dead?) and to a stage starting in Canada and then touring throughout the United States.  The play is directed by Christopher Bond, the co-creator and co-director of the aforementioned EVIL DEAD:  THE MUSICAL.  Here is some info about the show from the official website, www.nightofthelivingdeadlive.com:

  "Nictophobia Films is bringing this cinematic masterpiece to the stage like you have never seen before.  Just like the film, the stage production will be done entirely in black and white, from the set design right to the actors.  The performance will also be interactive as live zombies walk through the aisles, making their way to the stage keeping the audience literally on the edge of their seats."

 This sounds like a lot of fun!  I would love to see this.  Right now, Nictophobia Films is in the process of raising money in order to take the show on a road tour.  They have an indiegogo campaign going on right now, with 52 days left at the time of this writing.  They are trying to raise $50,000 make this play happen.  If you can give anything, please do.  You can see a list of perks you will get with every donation level.  

  I hope this campaign is successful, I would love to see this stage play someday here in the U.S.!

CLICK HERE to visit the NOTLD LIVE indiegogo campaign site, where you can watch a video about this cool new stage show and donate.

CLICK HERE to visit the official website of NOTLD LIVE

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