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Friday, September 7, 2012

I'm Back!! Expect new posts starting today!

 Thank you everyone for your patience while I was out the last couple of weeks.  I had a great time on vacation in beautiful Costa Rica!    I am back now, though, so expect regular posts again as normal from today on! 

 As a thank you for your patience, I will be doing a new giveaway within the next few days, so stay tuned for that.  BUT, have I got a deal for you!  Over at my buddy Scot Baker's blog, SHATTERED RAVINGS, you can enter a giveaway going on right now!  Scott is giving away a set of 2 Sci-Fi hardcover books, called Heaven’s Shadow & Heaven’s War by David S. Goyer and Michael Cassutt.   

 If you’re not familiar with either book, here is a plot synopsis of each courtesy of the Penguin Group USA website:

Heaven’s Shadow
Three years ago, an object one hundred miles across was spotted on a trajectory for Earth’s sun. Now, its journey is almost over. As it approaches, two competing manned vehicles race through almost half a million kilometers of space to reach it first. But when they both arrive on the entity, they learn that it has been sent toward Earth for a reason. An intelligent race is desperately attempting to communicate with our primitive species. And the message is: Help us.

Heaven’s War
When it first appeared, the astronomers named the asteroid Keanu. A Near Earth Object, from a distant constellation, it was headed directly toward our sun. But when we went to meet it, it turned out to be far more than a huge rock hurtling through space… The two teams of astronauts sent to explore Keanu discovered it is, in fact, a spacecraft, a giant ship with an alien crew. A ship that had headed to Earth with a mission and a message: Help Us. A brave new frontier beckons. But we are about to learn that it comes with a price… Without warning, the aliens transport small groups of humans from the competing scientific communities of Houston, Texas and Bangalore, India to the vast interior habitats of Keanu. Their first challenge is to survive. Their second; to discover why The Architects—the unknown, unseen aliens controlling the asteroid—brought them there. And soon a third emerges: they must find a way to take control of Keanu. Because the NEO is moving again—away from Earth. The Architects are headed home…

The contest over at SHATTERED RAVINGS ends on Sept. 22nd, 2012 at midnight (central time).
Hurry and enter soon!

CLICK HERE to visit the link to learn how you can win this set of awesome books!!

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