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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1267169/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1  I have seen and reviewed a few of director Walter Ruether's movies before on this website.  First, back in 2010 with  NIGHTMARE ALLEY (see that review here), then SCARLET FRY'S JUNKFOOD HORRORFEST back in 2011 (see that review here), and finally DEATH BY VHS just last year (see that review here).

 These are all very low budget movies, made by someone who obviously loves the horror genre. What director Walter Ruether lacks in terms of budget is made up for in his fun stories and gore effects. Ok, let's be honest, the gore effects are not state of the art by any means...they are cheap, practical, fun effects, which is why I like them.

   This latest review is actually for one of Mr. Ruether's earliest films, called SCARLET FRY'S HORRORAMA.   Host Scarlet Fry takes you on a trip through 6 short segments in this horror anthology. This film is actually my favorite of Ruether's films, I believe. This film was made back in 1989 and watching this immediately brought back memories of the VHS days. The transfer looks like a VHS film, and the sound is not great, which makes you feel like you are watching an old VHS. This is how you would have seen the film back when it was originally released and brought upon me a very fun, nostalgic feeling.

   As I mentioned earlier, the film is broken up into 6 segments or short films. Some are better than others, but all are entertaining and fun.  A couple of my favorite segments were "IN THE SACK" about a psycho woman who makes an evening with her one you will always remember...or should I say, dis-member!  My other favorite was "MANWICH", mainly because of the awesome gore scene involving a chainsaw and a man's leg.   The rest of the segments were good too, you will see everything from zombies attacking people in a graveyard, to a abusive wife who abuses her husband one too many times, which turns out to be the last time!

  Like I mentioned before, this film is very low budget, and it looks every bit of the 25 years old that is, but if you go into it knowing what to expect, I think you will really enjoy this film.  I know I did!

 SCARLET FRY'S HORRORAMA is now available in a 25th Anniversary Edition DVD, loaded with bonus features such as a trailer, music video, and an interview with Walter Ruether. This new DVD is available directly from the director, Walter Ruether, for only $15 in the U.S (or $35 overseas) by emailing him directly at waltruether@yahoo.com.  Mr. Ruether will even sign the DVD for you at no additional charge!

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer

Also, Mr. Ruether is already hard at work on his next feature, SCREAM MACHINE, but he needs our help!   An Indiegogo campaign is underway to help raise funds for this new film!  There are tons of great perks for donating to this new film!

CLICK HERE to visit the SCREAM MACHINE indiegogo page

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  1. Interesting. I'll definitely look into this one. Haven't seen it before, but this sounds right up my ally.