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Saturday, February 27, 2010


I just finished the great film, DEMONIC TOYS 2. This is the latest film from the great folks at FULL MOON ENTERTAINMENT. That is the same company that brought you some other great "killer puppet" films, such as the PUPPET MASTER films, DOLLMAN, BLOOD DOLLS, SKULL HEADS, GINGERBREAD MAN 1&2, and of course, the original DEMONIC TOYS. The film was written and directed by William Butler.
Here is the plot synopsis from the Full Moon website:

Dr. Lorca from Hideous! (Michael Citrini) is back and is continuing to collect strange oddities, along with the help of Caitlin (Alli Kinzel) and her boyfriend David (Lane Compton). Along the way, they collect the mysterious pieces of the last Demonic Toys and they continue their search at a mysterious castle in Italy, where there have been rumors of a mysterious, ancient puppet alive and walking around, which is under the control of a mysterious demon, who takes on the human form of a little woman named Lilith (Selene Luna). When not looking, the puppet brings the Demonic Toys back to life, and now... blood, terror and death counts will rise again.

I have to admit, I have never seen the original DEMONIC TOYS. I was worried at first, but then I soon realized this would be an enjoyable film even if you have never seen the first one. I LOVE these types of "killer puppet" movies. FULL MOON ENTERTAINMENT is known for producing the best of this genre, as they have proved time and time again (the PUPPET MASTER series being my personal favorite), and they have added another entry into their filmography that they can certainly be proud of! The acting is overall pretty good..some of it is a little cheesy, which should be expected (and encouraged!) for this type of film. Veteran TV actor Leslie Jordan has a small part of the film which is always a treat! The gorgeous Alli Kinzel does a great job, and is definitely an actress to keep an eye on in the future.
The story is a lot of fun, and the killer toys themselves are a blast to watch on screen. Pay close attention to their chatter amongst each other..everything they say is funny and adds a nice element of dark comedy to the film. The gore effects are mixed. The few that are done with practical make-up effects and real fake blood (oxymoron alert!) are great, but there is a weakness in the few gore effects that are done with CGI. Computer generated spewing blood just doesn't have the same realistic effect as using real fake blood. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed this latest feature from FULL MOON ENTERTAINMENT and I recommend it if you are a fan of the killer dolls and toys film genre.

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer and to purchase DEMONIC TOYS 2 on DVD!

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  1. Glad you liked this one Hayes, I recommend picking up the original but I was amazed this one actually looks and feels like the classic Full Moon Pictures