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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

DVD review: KILLER CUP / KILLER CUP 2 Double Feature

So I always knew that Styrofoam cups were bad for the environment, but I never knew they could literally kill you! That is until I got the chance to see the wonderful KILLER CUP and KILLER CUP 2 Double Feature DVD!
The plot for KILLER CUP is simple. Styrofoam coffee cups are mad for the way they are treated and seek revenge! This is a French Canadian production, so the dialog is in French, and there are no subtitles. BUT...there is an extremely small amount of dialog in this film, so that is not an issue at all. It did not keep me from enjoying it in the least. This is a short film that packs a lot of action into it's 19 minutes. The cups themselves are great. Each one has its own look and they communicate to each other in a high pitched squeaky "voice". One thing that stands out in this film are the sound effects...from the "voices" of the cups to my favorite, the chomping or biting sounds made by the cups. While most of the cups attack people by themselves, they get smart toward the end and all team together to make one large super monster made up of nothing but coffee cups! Brilliant!! Also, there are a couple of great gore scenes, esp. the scene where a man sticks his arm down a girls mouth to extrude a coffee cup that has gone inside here and is controlling her. As you can tell, this is very creative and just a lot of fun.
KILLER CUP 2 is more fun with our friends the killer cups. This film runs a but longer clocking in at 36 minutes and is just as fun as the first, but even better than the first film in a few ways. First off, the production quality is much better. The look of the film is cleaner and looks more professional. Also, the amount of cups is increased in this film and there are even some uses of CGI cups to help with a couple chase scenes, in order to show the cups actually running after someone. The plot in this one is about the same, except the venue has switched to a camping trip in the woods (the first film looked to be in school/college setting). Another thing that was great about the 2nd film, is the inclusion of English Subtitles. This film has quite a bit more dialog than the first film, so the Subtitles are necessary here, while they weren't necessarily needed to enjoy the first film. There is also an amazing gore shot, where a woman is lying on the ground and is rolled over to reveal the entire back of her head missing thanks to a Killer Cup who is having a feast on her brains!
If you are looking for a fun movie, that would be great to watch with a group of friends to laugh with and have a good time, this is the perfect DVD! The films were written produced, and directed by Jef Grenier of A.Normale Productions, and is someone I will definitely be keeping an eye on to see what he brings us in the future! Speaking of....there is a teaser trailer on the A.Normale website for a new KILLER CUP movie that is in pre-production now.................KILLER CUP 3D!!!
Also....check back soon for your chance to win a copy of the KILLER CUP / KILLER CUP 2 Double Feature DVD! This DVD will be given away after our current contest closes, courtesty of A.Normale Productions!

CLICK HERE to watch the KILLER CUP 2 trailer
CLICK HERE to go to the A.Normale Productions official website
CLICK HERE to go to the A.Normale Productions store to buy the KILLER CUP DVD

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  1. This is a French Canadian production, so the dialog is in French

    For a second there I thought you were going to say "so the dialoog is in French and Canadian" ;)

    Each one has its own look and they communicate to each other in a high pitched squeaky "voice".

    You mean it's like that utterly annoying side you make when you try to grab at a styro coffee cup and because of the wax coating it kinda makes like a "fingernails against the chalkboard noise?

    That's awesome!!

    Many thanks your grace for the tip! B)