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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Check out the awesome trailer for the zombie film, BONG OF THE DEAD

Check out the trailer to what looks to be a hilarious and bloody new zombie film called, BONG OF THE DEAD.  If you are not familiar with this film, here is the basic plot from the film's official website:

When meteorites from outer space cause an all out zombie epidemic the world is left desolate with only a few survivors. Tommy and Edwin are a pair of stoner buddies who happen to survive the massive outbreak. They keep themselves occupied by growing and smoking as much pot as humanly possible! One day they discover that by using zombie brains as fertilizer, they are able to create a strange green liquid which when added to their pot seeds can grow some super weed! The problem is there are no more zombies where they live so in order for them to be able to grow more weed, they must find more zombies. Once on the road they quickly realize that perhaps their plans of simply finding and killing zombies for fertilizer is not as easy as they had anticipated. There is more blood and bud in this hilarious action comedy adventure than you have ever witnessed before.
This film gives a new meaning to the word “munchies”.

HA...ok, the premise is a little far-fetched...but what do you expect from a film called BONG OF THE DEAD!  Ha!  I think this will be a great film, and quite possibly, a cult hit in the making!  It looks to have a great mixture of comedy and zombie action  (did you see that awesome zombie killing mobile!!).

Expect a full review of the film in the next few weeks, but until then, check out the trailer and let me know what you think.

CLICK HERE to visit the film's official website and watch the trailer


  1. Well that is one heck of a catchy title and the film looks like the right kind of trash for m late night viewing pleasure. Thanks for the review.

  2. Yep, Zombies ,Pot . Yep... works for me !

  3. Yep, I can't wait for this one. I should have a chance to watch this film in the next few weeks so check back for a full review! I can't wait to check out that lawnmower car!