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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


-------------Review by contributing writer Scott Baker------------------

Directed by:  Paul Bales
Distributed by:  The Asylum Home Entertainment

I always get excited when I see “...of the Dead” in a title. That phrase brings about an almost instantaneous euphoria, a sort of hazy state that makes my head swim. Sure, I know it’s probably odd to be so infatuated with a simple set of words. But as I’ve mentioned numerous times before, I Love Zombie Movies.  Well, I guess I should actually add something to that statement: I Love Zombie Movies...when they’re GOOD zombie movies. Unfortunately, LEGION OF THE DEAD is not a title that will go into the GOOD Zombie Movie category for me.
If you’re not familiar with the film, here is the the (very) brief synopsis courtesy of the The Asylum:
When the mummified remains of an evil Egyptian queen are brought back to life, she resurrects an army of living dead to help fulfill the prophecy that promises her all the powers of the Underworld.
  LEGION OF THE DEAD is actually a decent attempt at making a good zombie flick, but it never quite comes all together. I like the premise: an ancient Egyptian “witch” banished across The Great Water (i.e. the ocean) winds up here on American soil. Who is to say that didn’t actually happen? I mean, as they mention in the film, look at the similarities between the Mayan pyramids when compared to the Egyptians. Coincidence? I don’t personally think so. 
  But sadly, a good concept cannot carry a whole movie. The acting in LEGION OF THE DEAD is atrocious, the special effects are ho-hum at the least, and the camerawork leaves a lot to be desired. In short, the production value of this film is nill. This is a shame because I think the script has/had a lot of potential.
  Even so, the scriptwriters need to work on their dialogue. Much of what is spoken comes across as campy and sometimes even dumb. And when the cast is not speaking, the action isn’t much to write home about either. The only ‘dead’ you get to see are a few reanimated mummies, which to me are NOT technically zombies. I guess I might have misunderstood the title after all.
  I wanted very much to like this movie because a title like LEGION OF THE DEAD definitely makes it sound like you’re going to see scads and scads of zombies, mummies, vampires, or something unnatural. But instead, I got a few mummies, no suspense, frights, or thrills, and an unenjoyable 90 minutes that crept along slower than an injured snail. I would definitely give this one a pass.



NOTE FROM ZOMBIE HAYES:  Scott, say it ain't so!  The trailer for this film looks awesome!  I normally trust ya, but I'm definitely going to give this a watch to see for myself.  Hopefully, you won't be telling me "I told you so" soon!!   Has anyone else seen this film?  Do you agree with Scott's review....please leave some comments and discuss!

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  1. I can assure you- this movie sucks. The whole thing is full of plot holes and just silly mistakes.

    For example, the top of the ladder to climb into the dig site is metal, while the bottom of it is wood. Who messes something like that up?!?

    Random monsters, inconsistent effects and a flat-out bad execution. It sucks- plain and simple.

  2. Yikes! Maybe Scott was on the money then...very sad, as that trailer looked pretty promising.