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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


A Documentary by Kevin J. Lindenmuth

I recently had the chance to watch a great documentary called, THE LIFE OF DEATH by filmmaker, Kevin J. Lindenmuth and Brimstone Media Productions. The film is about a subject that most people don't want to talk about or deal with...the subject of death. Here is the basic premise of the film from the official website:

For most everyone (alive that is), death is something that looms far off on the horizon. And although it is an unavoidable reality the perception of it differs widely from person to person.
This documentary explores how death is perceived by an eclectic group of individuals who work in the media and how it influences (or not) how they go about their lives and their work. This includes such people as spiritual journalist David Crumm, Troma head honcho Lloyd Kaufman, Author/artist Bob Fingerman, authors Jack Ketchum (OFF SEASON) and Keith R.A. DeCandido, special effects artist Tom Sullivan (EVIL DEAD), filmmaker Scooter McCrae (SHATTER DEAD), professional Tarot Card reader Sasha Graham, "Scream Queens" Debbie Rochon and Caroline Munro (DR. PHIBES, MANIAC), along with a host of others.
Through serious, hilarious and poignant interviews, you will see how the concept of death has taken on a life of its own in the 21st Century.

I have to admit, I wasn't super excited about sitting down and watching a documentary about death.  I mean, this isn't the blood and gore type film I usually like to watch.  But I am glad I did.  This is an amazingly in-depth look into the death, or more specifically, how we as humans perceive death.

Through a number of excellent interviews with genre icons such as Lloyd Kaufman, Debbie Rochon, Tom Sullivan, Tony Timpone, and Jack Ketchum just to name a few, we get very personal answers to such questions as, "What do you think happens after you die?" and "How do you want to die?"

It is very interesting to hear all the different answers to the same questions....everyone has a different view or opinion of death, proving that we really know nothing about it.   Some of the personal stories  are very effective and are very touching and emotional. 

This documentary reminded me of a class I took in college called "Death and Dying".  It was an interesting class that made people open up and talk about this subject matter that most people usually try to avoid talking about .  It is not a fun subject at all, but it is a topic that is very important to understand and be able to discuss.  This film is a good way to open the doors to discussion about death.

CLICK HERE to visit the official website and watch clips of the film
CLICK HERE to purchase the DVD on Amazon.com or

For an autographed copy by the producer/director send check or money order for $24.95 to: (includes shipping)

Brimstone Media Productions, LLC
7900 State Street
Brighton, MI 48116

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