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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Obscure horror video games: ENGLISH OF THE DEAD (Nintedo DS)

  The Japanese are known for some of their crazy video games, but this one is a little too far fetched. In order to teach kids English, they took the HOUSE OF THE DEAD 2 game and changed it into a learning tool! They did this by taking away your gun and making you spell words to kill the zombies!! The game challenges players to correctly translate words into English from Japanese in order to kill the zombies. Other modes include zombies that speak English out loud, where players must translate what they're saying. 
  I'm not sure how well this worked, but it's pretty amusing to me. I assume this was only available overseas, as I doubt kids here in the U.S. would buy into this concept.  Click the link below to see some actual game play.

CLICK HERE to see the game in action  (fast-forward to about the 1:20 mark to start watching the actual game play)

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