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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Short film review: NIGHT OF THE PUNKS (2010)

Directed by:   Dan Riesser
Written by: Dan Riesser and Mike Kinshella

 I recently got a press release about a short horror/comedy film called NIGHT OF THE PUNKS.  The film is currently available to watch for FREE on Youtube and on the film's official website
Here is the plot synopsis from the film's website:

Small town punk rockers THE BRAIN DEADS have their first out of town show, but there are a few problems: The venue is deserted, the promoter is a creep, their bassist has gone missing, and the only kids in the audience turn out to be bloodthirsty punk rockers from Hell. NOTP is a splatterpunk love letter to 1980's horror cinema, heavily influenced by films like Return of the Living Dead, The Evil Dead and Night of the Demons.

NIGHT OF THE PUNKS is a lot of fun.  The plot is simple and the film is shot very well.  The acting is superb by everyone involved and the demon and creature effects are very well done.  The film is shot in a style of film from the 80's, and it really has that feel to it.   The film also mixes the comedy and horror perfectly.  A lot of horror/comedy films are more comedy than anything, but NIGHT OF THE PUNKS balances it perfectly.   This is a great film and I look forward to future projects from Mr. Riesser and all the filmmakers involved with this production.

 The film is only about 20 minutes long, so check it out when you have a few minutes.  Director Dan Riesser says that a feature length version of the film is in the works!  I will pass on more details about that as they become available, or, keep checking the films official website for updates.
CLICK HERE to visit the film's official website and watch the short film

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