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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Speaking of giveaways....here's another great one from the Shattered Ravings Blog!

  My buddy Scott over at the Shattered Ravings Blog has been hosting his latest giveaway, and it is almost over.  But...it's not too late to enter!  Scott is giving away a free copy of the new book, HOODED MAN, to three lucky winners!  Here is the plot of the book, courtesy of Abaddon Books:

When civilization died and the world descended into a new Dark Age, Robert Stokes lost everything, retreating into the woods near Nottingham to turn his back on it all. But foreign mercenary and arms dealer De Falaise sees England as ripe for conquest – and when he and his army arrive at Nottingham, Stokes is reluctantly drawn into the resistance. From Sherwood he leads the fight and takes on the mantle of the world’s greatest folk hero. The Hooded Man and his allies will become a symbol of freedom, a shining light in the horror of a blighted world, but he can never rest: De Falaise is only the first of his kind. Filled with impressive action and desperate characters, this hard-edged dystopian omnibus collects the novels Arrowhead, Broken Arrow and Arrowland.

So, it sound like a modern take on the legend of Robin Hood. Pretty cool...not really horror related, but still sounds cool, and who doesn't love free stuff!! The contest ends in about 5 days, so enter soon! 

Check out yesterday's post for another exciting giveaway opportunity and then stay tuned to the 4H Blog as we will be hosting another giveaway here very soon!!

CLICK HERE to go to the Shattered Ravings Blog and enter the contest!

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