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Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's pumpkin carving time!!

  It's getting close to Halloween, which means it's time to carve pumpkins!!!  My family headed out to the  pumpkin patch today to pick out some future Jack-o-lanterns!!  I have done some pretty detailed pumpkins in the past, like a Jason Voorhees pumpkin and a Freddy Krueger pumpkin.

  This year I kept it a little more simple with a pumpkin inspired by the opening credits pumpkin from the 1978 classic, HALLOWEEN.  I also helped one of my boys do a cool Jack Skelington pumpkin which I think turned out pretty good!   Here are our pumpkins we did today:

First up is my 7 year old son's Vampire pumpkin!  My boy drew the face, and cut it out all by himself!  This was the first year he did everything himself  (even cleaning out the pumpkin before carving it).  I was pretty proud of his creation!!

Next is my pumpkin inspired by John Carpenter's 1978 masterpiece, HALLOWEEN!  This is the pumpkin you see in the opening credits sequence.  Very simple, yet spooky!

And here is the Jack Skelington pumpkin that I helped my other son do!  He cleaned the pumpkin out himself, and poked the holes for the pattern, but I did the cutting.  I think this turned out awesome, and it looks even cooler since we used a solid white pumpkin!

Here are all our finished products!  We had a great time carving the pumpkins outside on a beautiful day!

I know some of you out there have carved some cool pumpkins this year!  Email me pics of your pumpkins and I will do a blog post with a gallery of everyone's pumpkins!    Email your pumpkin pics to zombiehayes@hotmail.com!


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