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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Check out the awesome Audio Recording and Sound Design company, AUDIO ZOMBIE!!

I was recently contacted by a Sound Design Company called AUDIO ZOMBIE.  They thought I might want to share some info on their company with you, and I am glad they did!  This is an awesome company that makes some great Horror music and sound effects.  Here is a statement from their company which tells you a little more about them:

"Our line of royalty free music and sound effects libraries will bring your haunted attraction, horror film or website to the next level. All of our sound libraries are created using a mixture of the latest in state of the art digital technology and high-end analog recording equipment."

Did you catch that?  Royalty free music!  That is music to an independent filmmaker's ears!! 

Here are the companies newest CD's and some a brief description for each one taken from their official website:


Welcome to the Zombie's Playground. A journey to the dark side of sound. Over 50 minutes of chilling atmospheres and creepy soundscapes recorded in high definition. This Royalty free library of atmospheres are suited for use in film, haunted attractions, website design and anywhere else that dark soundscapes are needed.

Immerse you customers in the twisted sounds that will bring your theme rooms to the next level. This disc is comprised of our most requested theme room music. Everything from twisted clown music to classic haunted house orchestration. Over one hour in length, this library contains music and atmospheres for a variety of attractions.

ORCHESTRA OF THE DEADFrom haunting melodies to rhythmic stabs, Orchestra of the dead is sure to please. This cd contains over an hour of eerie music of the night. Many uses include haunted attractions and hayrides , horror film trailers and Halloween stores. Also great for the home haunter.

 I have had a chance to listen to a couple of these CD's, and I have to say, these are some of the best instrumental Horror music I have heard.  You get a nice mix of songs, some which are very moody and creepy and would set a great tone in a haunted house or as background music in a horror film.  For those independent filmmakers out there, this music would instantly improve the sound of your film and would give your film an immediate touch of professionalism. Music can do a lot to effect the tone of a film, and having great music like this in your film would make the audience take note and give them a more enjoyable viewing experience.
Visit Audio Zombie at  www.audiozombiesound.com to purchase the above CD's or call them at (856)-396-7672 to inquire about custom sound design ideas.


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