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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DVD Review: THE ZOMBIE FARM (2009)

-------------Review by contributing writer Scott Baker-------------

Written and Directed by:  Ricardo Islas
Distributed by:  Maya Entertainment

It seems that most of the zombie films released over the past three decades share a common origin for the nature of the zombieism: a biological means. There's nothing wrong with this scenario, either; I mean, given the current state of the world and humanity's affinity for custom-made viruses, I think that scenario is VERY plausible. But even so, it’s nice to see a zombie flick that takes zombieism back to its actual roots: voodoo.

THE ZOMBIE FARM is a unique addition to the zombie genre that takes the affliction back to the dark-magic aspect at its core. If you're not familiar with the film, here is the synopsis courtesy of the DVD case:

Part zombie, part voodoo! Desperate to end her husband's domestic abuse, a young woman seeks asylum from a local voodoo priestess. When warned that her husband may "change" if given a special potion, the abused wife is relieved. But waking up in bed next to a zombie isn't exactly the transformation she was hoping for. Her once violent husband, now controlled by vicious voodoo, becomes part of a savage zombie uprising, terrorizing and then converting the unsuspecting townsfolk. Clearly, some things are worse than death.

THE ZOMBIE FARM is a smart, inventive, and sometimes witty addition to the genre. I wasn't sure what to expect when I first saw the case because I had never heard of the film, not to mention the title doesn't immediately scream 'watch me' either. But never judge a movie by its cover, right? I’m glad I didn’t.

I like everything about this film. The cinematography is great, with many lingering still shots and some excellent steadi-cam work. The special effects are very well done, although the majority of the gore only shows up at the end. And the acting is good as well.

Of specific note is Roberto Montesinos, the actor that portrays the main character Roque. I don't think anyone else could have brought this character to life as vividly as he does. I would seriously believe the part was written specifically for him. Montesinos has a unique acting style that blends light humor with drama, and it really helps the audience build a bond character.

One of the most interesting aspects of this film is the social commentary it provides on how Americans treat Hispanics sometimes in our culture. While the film doesn’t come across as preachy, it does talk about and portray some of the distinct differences that separate our two cultures on a daily basis. This is all evident because of the film’s location, which is a town on the America/Mexico border.

And, as I mentioned before, the zombies are created from voodoo. I find this interesting because the zombies are not the putrid, rotting, flesh-bags that I love so much in the other films. These zombies are people who were recently alive…they died and were shortly thereafter reanimated by black magic. So they basically look like you and me…except they’re a little lighter-skinned than when they were alive.

Thankfully, though, these living dead have the traditional hunger for human flesh. There’s some nice gore towards the end of the film and some pretty good zombie swarming scenes as well (watch it…you’ll see what I mean).

All in all, THE ZOMBIE FARM is a win for me. Check this one out for sure.

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